The Three Tier Development System



For Class VI to X students, Batch wise classes having limited students are held in evening sessions in airconditioned spacious class rooms equipped with high quality Audio Video devices.

Class Frequency

For Class VI & VII Students:
2 days per week.
For Class VIII & IX Students:
3 days per week.
For Class X Students:
3/4 days per week.

Class Schedule

Three hours of classes per day having three lectures of 60 min each, which have been designed according to the pattern and level of Olympiads & NTSE and delivered by our expert faculties.

Revision Classes

Revision classes of selected topics are arranged regularly for the benefit of students so that students can overcome their weakness as well as review the topic again.

Doubt Sessions

These sessions are regularly scheduled in Time Table and also separately arranged for those students who require extra assistance for clarification of their doubts. These sessions are optional.

Wide and in-depth study with a competitive aptitude.

In this portion of teaching, we enhance the ability of learning of students, develop their competitive aptitude and prepare them for the highest level of achievement at school level.



Every topic of NCERT has been widened by adding theory & Q-A from various curriculum at National and International level in our study material.

Subject and Unit wise Module

The study material is divided in 3 units each for subjects taught as per the prescribed syllabus of NCERT. These modules have been scientifically designed as per the need of students which help them in excelling in school as well as the major competitive exams like NTSE & Olympiads. The Study Material contains descriptive theory along with conceptual, tricky & brain storming questions including questions asked in previous years’ Competitive Exams. The study material being provided is self sufficient in itself and covers all the possible arena of problems which may be asked in forthcoming examinations.

RACE - Regular Analysis through Continuous Exercise.

For every topic taught, to take a review of previous topics, an enhanced and structured set of problems are given to students for dynamic revision of all topics till taught so that students remain in touch with all the topics covered till date.

Study Material Salient Features

  • Every topic of NCERT has been widened by adding theory & Q-A from various curriculum like ICSE, IGCSE, IB and some state syllabi
  • Practice exercises have been developed which comprises of all past papers of various national examinations and their patterns
  • Separate sheets are provided for various competitions.
  • In-depth study material which links the topic to that of higher classes.

Special Support for Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation Students

  • Special classes for motivated students who want to do something extra for higher classes. These classes are arranged after one month from the start of academic session.
  • Comprehensive material focusing on various targets of students -
    • For Class VI & VII Students - Building Strong Academic & Competitive Foundation for Higher Classes and International Science Olympiads in Class VIII & IX.
    • For Class VIII Students - Building Strong foundation for Competitive Exams and start preparation for International Jr. Science Olympiad.
    • For Class IX Students - Building Strength to crack International Jr. Science Olympiad and NTSE in Class X.
    • For Class X Students - Building Concepts and preparing for NTSE & STSE as well as building fundamental strength for KVPY preparation in Class XI.
  • Experienced faculties to conquer the competitions at national & international level who have already mentored students who reached national and international heights in academics and their career.
  • Foundation training for future targets like JEE Advanced / Pre-Medical
  • Separate mock tests targeting different competitions throughout the year
  • Workshops and seminars to develop competitive temperament.