Do You Know : 

Test Date 29-09-2019
Test Time 09:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Test Venue Respective Study Center
Allen Campus, Hanuman Nagar Sirsi Road (For Batch 5M1-P1S)

Test Syllabus
Physics Motion in a Plane (Complete) (20%), Laws of Motion (Complete) (27%), Work, Energy & Power (Complete) (33%), System of Particles (Upto calculation of center of mass and its velocity and acceleration) (20%)
Chemistry Chemical Bonding (Complete) (20%), Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry (Complete) (27%), Redox Reactions (Complete) (33%), States of Matter (Upto Boiling point and Freezing point) (20%)
Botany Biological Classification (Complete) (20%), Plant Kingdom (Complete) (27%), Morphology of Angiosperms (Complete) (33%), Anatomy of Flowering Plants (Upto Xylem) (20%)
Zoology Animal Kingdom (Chordata) (Complete) (26%), Structural Organization in Animals (Complete) (47%), Biomolecules (Upto The Living State) (27%)