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IIT-JEE Enthusiast and Leader Score II (Extended) Schedule 2019-20

Schedule of JEE (Main+Adv.) 2020 Drill Tests for Enthusiast & Leader students to be attempted at home Tests to be made live on the day of test at 9:30 am on

18-Jul-20SaturdayJEE ADVANCED - DRILL TEST - 15Modern Physics, KTG & Thermodynamics, Wave OpticsAromatic Compounds, Biomolecules/Amino Acids, Polymer, Practical Organic Chemistry, Liquid Solution, Surface Chemistry, p-blockComplex number, Matrices, Determinants, Quadratic Equations, Sequence & Series
24-Jul-20FridayJEE ADVANCED - DRILL TEST - 16Electrostatics, Gravitation, Mechanics Till MomentumCarboxylic Acid & Derivatives, Amines & Other Nitrogen Containing, Organic Compounds, Thermodynamics, Thermochemistry, Chemical bondingProbablity, Permutation & Combination, Straight Line, Circle, Binomial Theorem
JEE MAIN -Mock Test 33 - DRILL TEST -29Syllabus of JEE Adavanced Part Tests 15 + 16
30-Jul-20ThursdayJEE ADVANCED - DRILL TEST - 17EMI, AC, MEC, FluidCarbonyl Compounds, Hydrocarbon, Electrochemistry, Redox, Mole Concept, Co-ordination Compound, MetallurgyParabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola, Logarithm, Compound Angle
5-Aug-20WednesdayJEE ADVANCED - DRILL TEST - 18Rigid body, Geometrical OpticsAlcohols & Ether,Alkyl Halide (Substitution/Elimination), Solid state, Ideal Gas, Real Gas, Salt analysisVector, 3-D, Funtions, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Limits, Continuity & Differentiability
JEE MAIN -Mock Test 34 - DRILL TEST -30Syllabus of JEE Adavanced Part Tests 15+16+17+18
11-Aug-20TuesdayJEE ADVANCED - DRILL TEST - 19Current Electricity, Error Analysis, SHMComplete isomerism (Structural, Conformational , Optical , Geometrical), Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic Equilibrium, Hydrogen and its Compound, Periodic TableMethod of differentiation, Application of derivative, Trigonometric Equation, Solution of triangle
18-Aug-20TuesdayJEE ADVANCED - DRILL TEST - 20Calorimetry, Heat Transfer, Thermal Expansion, Elasticity, Wave, Sound, CapacitorGOC (Electronic Displacement effects, acid base), Attacking Reagents, IUPAC Nomenclature, Atomic Structure, Chemical Kinetics, Radioactivity, s-block and d-blockIndefinite Integration, Definite Integration, Differential Equation, Area under the curve
JEE MAIN -Mock Test 35 - DRILL TEST -31Syllabus of JEE Adavanced Test "15 to 20" + Semi Conductor, Principle of communicationSyllabus of JEE Adavanced Test "15 to 20" + Chemistry in everyday life, f-block, Environmental ChemistrySyllabus of JEE Adavanced Test "15 to 20" + Sets, Realations, Height & Distance, Mathematical Induction, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics
23-Aug-20SundayJEE MAIN -Mock Test 36 - DRILL TEST -32FULL SYLLABUS
25-Aug-20TuesdayJEE MAIN -Mock Test 37 - DRILL TEST -33FULL SYLLABUS
28-Aug-20FridayJEE MAIN -Mock Test 38 - DRILL TEST -34FULL SYLLABUS