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Class-7 Online-Live

Admission Mode DIRECT
Eligibility Students Studying in CBSE / ICSE affiliated schools & Eq. Boards (English Medium only).
Course Duration Upto Feb/March 2022
Syllabus Covered Science & Maths for Class-VII as per NCERT Syllabus.
Course Objective Nurturing solid academic & competitive foundation by concept building with applications so that in VIII, IX & X students shall confidently go for Science Olympiads & NTSE.
Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Mental Ability
Class Schedule 2 Days/Week (3 Hr. Evening)

Medium English English English
Course Code 5952 6092 6912
14/04/2021 12/05/2021 07/07/2021
Last Date of
Fee Deposition (Lumpsum)
12/04/2021 10/05/2021 05/07/2021
Last Date to Apply Refund 29/04/2021 27/05/2021 22/07/2021
Course Duration (upto) March 2022 March 2022 March 2022

In English Medium, Digital Literature will be in English language and for better explanation mixed language (English+Hindi) will be used while teaching.

Fee Structure

Regular Fee Option Only
Final Fee

Refund Policy

Course Total Deductable Amount in Refund* Cases
For Class-7 ONLINE-LIVE 1st refund : 7,500/-
& Last refund : NA

* Total Amount is inclusive of GST 18% (Present Rate). Fee can be changed, if there is levy/change in taxes by the Central/State Govt.