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SCHOOL PLUS Summer Course

Admission Mode DIRECT / Through ASAT or TALLENTEX
Eligibility Students Studying in CBSE / ICSE affiliated schools & Eq. Boards (English Medium only).
Course Duration SUMMER (Upto Sept. 2019)
Course Objective To boost school level CBSE IX syllabus so that students build strong conceptual foundation of their IX syllabus. (No Coverage of competitive level). This program develop students who could not build a strong conceptual foundation in previous years.
Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Social Science (For Social Science : NO Classes, only study material)
Class Schedule

3-Apr to 13-May 3 Days/Week (3 Hr Evening)

14-May to 22-Jun 3 Days/Week (4 Hr Morning)

23-Jun to 29-Jun Break

30-Jun to 14-Sep 2 Days/Week (3 Hr Evening)

Class-IX (SCHOOL PLUS Summer Course)
Course Code 7205
Last Date of
Fee Deposition
Last Date of
1st Refund
Last Date of
2nd Refund

Fee Structure

Date-wise Special Fee Benefits (SFB)
SFB-1 SFB-2 Regular
Till 10-Dec-18 Till 20-Jan-19 After 20-Jan-19
40,500/- 42,500/- 45,000/-

Refund Policy

Total Deductable Amount in Refund* Cases.
For Class IX SCHOOL PLUS SUMMER For 1st Refund : 8000/- & For 2nd Refund : 12000/-

* Procedure to apply for Fee Refund is available with the application form
# Total Amount is inclusive of GST 18% (Present Rate). Fee can be changed, if there is levy/change in taxes by the Central/State Govt.


Eligibility Code [%]
For Top 3 Rank holders in any Maths / Science Olympiad in previous Std. at National & International Level PS03 50%
For Top 3 State Rank Holder or Top 100 National / International Rank Holder in any Maths / Science Olympiad in Previous Std. PS06 20%
For Pre RMO qualified students PS36 25%
Any HBCSE Olympiad Stage NSEP/C/B/A/JS or RMO qualified students PS08 60%
Any HBCSE Olympiad Stage INPhO/ChO/BO/AO/JSO or INMO qualified students PS09 80%
For HBCSE Olympiad OCSC Stage Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Astronomy/Jr. Science/Mathematics Qualified Students & Medalist PS35 90%
Any two or more siblings (Real Brother / Sister) studying in ALLEN (Same Session) PS10 10%
On the basis of Performance in ASAT* PS31 upto 90%
On the basis of Performance in TALLENTEX-2019 (Result declared in November 2018) PS32 upto 90%

Imp. : Scholarship is in the form of Concession in Total Fee (#), student has to claim this by applying in prescribed Scholarship Application Form for Academic Session 2019-20 after admission. (Procedure to apply for scholarship is available with the application form)
* Note : Scholarship awarded in an ASAT can be availed only till one day prior to the next ASAT.
A student is eligible for only one scholarship at a time, No two criteria can be clubbed to avail deduction in fee at ALLEN.